003 Lambskins for everyday use


Off-white lambskin with teddy wool looking. The best lambskin to be used for unloaded seating and to keep you warm. Perfect to keep you warm if you are sleeping outside. Also nice for your pet and protect the sofa from dirty paws.

These skins are washable in machine and laundry advice is included.

Size varies but around 110 x 85 cm
Lenght of the wool approximate 3,5 cm
Origin Gotland

OBS! Ingen mängdrabatt eller retur/bytesrätt på dessa skinn! Frakt ingår i priset inom Sverige.

Remember to...

1. Note that the leather side of a skin often sheds a little when it is new. This happens during preparation and grinding process. This grind dust can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner, clothes roll or a slightly moistened cloth.

2. All skins may have small holes in the leather regardless of price. These holes can occur during preparation and are a natural part of a prepared hide. In case of larger or more visible damages, they are described in the text under the product.

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