Looking for beautiful curly sheepskin from the island of Gotland?

We are farmers and have about 400 sheep. Our sheep are mainly Gotlandic sheep but we also have white sheep.

Today we also buy sheep skin from different producers on the island of Gotland and also from other areas in Sweden, their pelts ranges from snow white to cloudy grey through to dark charcoal.

Some of the lambskins are from pure bred Gotlandic sheep with beautiful shiny grey curls and
others are mixed, with lovely patterns in grey and white.

We sell the sheepskins to all EU-countries and are now starting to sell also outside of EU. Due to local demand our web site is mainly in Swedish. In the footer you can find a simple translation tool to help you, but it is far from perfect so you have to use your imagination as well…

If you have any queries or are interested in our products we will happily answer any questions so
please do not hesitate to contact us!

Gotlamm AB
Stenkyrka Sorby 205
624 42 Tingstäde

+46 (0)706 19 70 80

Care instructions for sheepskin from Gotlamm

  • Machine wash using a wool program at 30°C, or hand wash.
  • Use a mild shampoo at pH 3,5-5,5.
  • Let it dry hanging or lying on a grid. Strech the skin gently.
  • Rinse of minor stains by hand.
  • Vent and shake the sheepskin.