Returns & Warranty

Ångerrätt & Garanti – enligt distansavtalslagen

As a customer, you always have a 14-day right of withdrawal according to the Distance Contracts Act. This means that if you buy an item by mail order or via telephone, TV shop or Internet, you have the opportunity to cancel the purchase within 14 days. The cancellation period starts from the day you received the item.

If you regret your purchase and send a product back to us, we will refund your purchase amount within 10 days at the latest. As a customer, you pay for any return shipping yourself, and canceled products must always be returned in unchanged condition and in the original packaging with associated packaging. The consumer is responsible for the risk of return shipping; this risk includes, among other things, that the product is damaged or lost during shipping.

Warranty and right of complaint - according to the Consumer Purchase Act

We sell all products with a 1-year warranty and 3-year right of complaint according to the Consumer Purchase Act. All guarantees apply in Sweden.

The product warranty only covers original faults, i.e. defects that were present in the product upon delivery. The product warranty does not apply to errors that occur during or after the product's function and appearance have been changed or other changes to the product have been made.

If there is a fault with an item you bought, you may, according to the Consumer Purchase Act, have the right to demand free repair, redelivery of a new fault-free item or to cancel the purchase and get your money back, among other things. Read more here:  Konsumentverket om reklamationer

Din orderbekräftelse eller kvittens gäller som garantibevis. Förvara dokumentet väl eftersom dokumentet krävs om du skulle behöva utnyttja garantirätten.

Please note that different rules apply to companies for warranty and complaint rights. When purchasing, companies only receive the warranty right given by the supplier, where the warranty period can vary between different suppliers. Companies also do not have any claim rights in addition to their warranty rights from the supplier. 
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