Washable lambskins and sheepskins

All our skins are washable, the shorter curls can even be washed in a machine. Washing and caring instructions are included for each skin. On this page, we also gathered some good advice that will help to keep your lamb- or sheepskin fresh and last longer!
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Can you wash the skin in a washing machine?

Yes, all our skins are prepared in a way that makes them washable. It is also perfectly fine to use the washing machine. For those skin with uncut wool and long curls we do not recommend to use the machine.

How do I wash my lambskin?

Wash your lamb- or sheepskin at 30° on a special wool program and use a washing powder with a low pH. We recommend a pH of 3.5 - 5.5. The easiest way is to just use about 1 tablespoon of your daily hair shampoo instead of washing powder and no fabric softener.

How to dry lambskin after washing?

To dry your sheepskin or lambskin after washing you can just hang it in a room at normal room temperature. Make sure that air can circulate on both sides.

How to keep sheepskins and lambskins clean

If you don't want to use a washing machine for cleaning your lambskin the best way to keep it clean and fresh is to hand them outside but protected on a damp day. The wool will open its cells and let the old air out and new, fresh air in. In this way, the dirt is also pushed off the hairs. Give the skin a good shake before taking it inside and the shine will return immediately.

During the winter you can lay the skin outside in cold, “dry” snow for a couple of hours. Make sure the snow really gets into the wool and leave it for a while. Then shake off the snow and bring your refreshed lambskin inside again!

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