gotlamms ägare Linda och Andreas

We are Gotlamm

We love lambskin! This soft and beautiful material is all-natural and can be used for so many things. Lambskin is something special. Imagine being able to give a unique lambskin from Gotland to someone you love! It is for sure a very special gift for newlyweds or new parents, but you can also spoil yourself with this great interior detail that will last for many years!

More Info

Gotlamm is based in a small village called Stenkyrka, 2 miles north of Visby, Gotland. The farm is a heritage from Andreas side and has been in his family for six generations. Today we, Linda and Andreas, both live and work here and we enjoy every moment of it. Our farm is one of a kind and considered one of Gotlands most beautiful and best well-maintained limestone farms which makes us really proud of both the farm and the business we run from here.

The history of the farm goes back to the Viking Age, but the beautiful buildings were built a bit later of course, more precisely in the middle of the 19th century. The previous owner passed away before all buildings on the farm were completed, therefore remained unpolished and instead this beautiful paving was kept. They have looked the same for almost 200 years!

The farm also retains a lot of other old memories, for example, an extraordinary octagonal privy built of limestone with separate doors for ladies and gentlemen. Today the privy building is used as an appreciated and well-visited guest house.

In the old granary, we run our farm shop that is open during summertime. We have specific opening hours for the store but if it should be closed when you want to visit just give us a call or knock on the door in the mainbuidling. You can buy your lambskin directly from our farm shop and it is often a very appreciated gift or a great memory for bringing a piece of Gotland with you when going home.

We really hope that you will come to visit us! While you are here, take the opportunity to walk around and experience the nature and stunning environment around the farm. Say hi to our lambs grazing in the large meadows, our herding dogs and the very cuddly stable cats!

We also have a selection of beautiful handcrafts with special connections to Gotland and we sell our own tasty lamb meat, well frozen vacuum-packed pieces. . We highly recommend you try the “Sorby-special”, a dried and smoked sausage made of lamb. Perfect for the beer or as an appetizer.

Opening hours for the farm shop:

Weekdays: 11 - 18

Saturdays: 11 - 15

At other times it is fine to call us or knock on the door.


The owners of Gotlamm are us, Linda Barkemo and Andreas Sorby. Since January 2018 we live here at the family farm in Stenkyrka in northern Gotland and Andreas is the sixth generation from his family to take care of it. We have about 800 ewes and 250 hectares of crop cultivation. Half of our ewes are of the Gotland sheep breed and the other half are white meat breeds/crossbreed ewes.

So, how did it all start? Everything began with Emma Rosenmüller who started selling her own lambskin on internet ffrom 2000. After 15 years Emma chose to focus on a new career as a dog groomer and put Gotlamm up for sale.

This was in the same time we were supposed to take over the family farm and we saw our chance and decided to take over Gotlamm. We are very happy and proud to continue to supply beautiful and unique sheep- and lamb skins to people all over the world!