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In the Checkout, you can choose to pay with Swish, Debit card or invoice via Walley.
Payment cards are charged directly.
Below you can read more about Walley's terms and conditions for Account and Invoice:

Invoice & partial payment

In collaboration with Walley, we offer invoice and partial payment. The service is based on a one-time credit that enables simple and secure payment of your purchases by invoice or instalments. You can find more information and complete terms and conditions about Walley's payment method at

The invoice is due in 14 days. After the purchase is completed, the invoice is sent to your registered address. You can then choose to pay the entire amount at once or apply to split the payment into smaller parts by logging in to

To be able to use the service, you must be a resident of Sweden and at least 18 years old at the time of purchase. The payment method is only available to private individuals and as a credit provider we assume that you have taken care of your financial obligations and have a good payment history.

A credit check is carried out in connection with the purchase, which means that a credit report is obtained. Credit information taken by Walley does not affect your credit rating and cannot be seen by others who request credit information about you, such as banks. In the event of delayed or non-existent payment, a late fee and late payment interest will be charged.

Period               Ränta                                           Månadsavgift                             Administrationsavgift

3 mån                 0,00%                                           30 kr                                             0 kr
6 mån                 0,00%                                           30 kr                                             95 kr
12 mån               9,95%                                           30 kr                                             195 kr
24 mån               19,95%                                         30 kr                                             295 kr

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