No 212 Medium gray lambskin


Stort mjukt lammskinn med silkiga blyertsgrå lockar. Nedsatt pris pga av en kal fläck i mitten på skinnet.

Storlek ca 120 x 85 cm.

Lenght of the wool approximate 3,5 cm
Origin Gotland

Frakt ingår i priset inom Sverige.
Skinnet är tvättbart i maskin. Tvättråd medföljer.

Remember to...

1. Note that the leather side of a skin often sheds a little when it is new. This happens during preparation and grinding process. This grind dust can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner, clothes roll or a slightly moistened cloth.

2. All skins may have small holes in the leather regardless of price. These holes can occur during preparation and are a natural part of a prepared hide. In case of larger or more visible damages, they are described in the text under the product.

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